The NPS has a fantastic member base all around the UK and overseas.  As part of my involvement as a trainer and member I thought it would be great to meet fellow members on a regular basis.  So I came up with the idea of having regional meet ups.

What are NPS Meet Ups?

A meet up is a way for fellow NPS members to get together in a social atmosphere to share knowledge and be part of a close group.

Where are they going to be?

Initially the first meet up will be in Manchester to cover the North West.  A plan to extend the meet ups to York (North East) and Edinburgh (Scotland).
Each area and venue will be selected to be easy for everyone as a whole to attend.  This includes travel and travel links, and the venue for easy access.

What can we expect?

The main purpose is to create a friendly social gathering for all attending.  The aim is for everyone who attends to be involved.  A great way for this to happen is to have a monthly competition slideshow (images shown on screen of all entries).

Also as the NPS is a photographic society, there will be some form of photo session, where all members are encouraged to take part.

For those who want to progress further a special “panel” mentoring session at the beginning of every meet up is available to those who wish for a panel to be looked at by an NPS Accredited Trainer, or for mentoring assistance.

6PM – “L” panel mentoring

For more details please contact Jayce via contacts page or phone.

7PM – Monthly regional photo competition review

Competition images will be shown on screen

8PM – “Camera’s out” for a practical photo session (where available)

A topic will be chosen each month to suit ALL camera systems.

9PM – End

Please read carefully.

  • NPS events are open to all NPS members
  • All attending must pre pay using form
  • Contact for other forms of payment methods
  • Payment is towards venue hire and photographic session
  • Competition is only open to NPS members
  • Non NPS members can attend one event
  • Non NPS members must be accompanied by NPS member

To register complete the form below